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Welcome to WoMen Dialogue

WoMen Dialogue is a platform for cooperation and debate on gender and women’s rights issues, and for the exchange of knowledge between Danish and Arab civil society. It is provided by KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity.

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Share ideas and experiences, work on a project or stay in contact. Our groups have several useful tools for cooperation and communication. Simply set up a profile on the site to join one or more groups.

Et billede viser et ufødt barn, der ligger i en maskingeværsriffel, som var riffelen dens omgivende livmoder. Et andet viser en mand, der ligger i smerte på ryggen, mens han føder et skydevåben.Det...
 Five delegates from KVINFO’s partner projects in Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt recently visited Denmark to witness the local elections being held across the country. Throughout the elections, these...
As a child, Ibi Ibrahim sought refuge from the world in his parents’ basement, where he spent his time looking at black and white photographs of his parents. The first time he ever held a camera in...

Focus on:

  • KVINFO is closed from 7 July 2014 to 4 August 2014. During this period no new content will be published on

  • Young Arab scholars are increasingly interested in gender studies, and their projects are as sophisticated as Western gender research in terms of methodology and theory. This is amongst the findings of the first edition of the WEP mapping report entitled “Mapping Young Scholars’ Research on Women in Public Life in the MENA Region: A State of the Art Report“ which has now been presented during the holding of the 2nd seminar of the Nordic-Arab Network of Research on Women’s Empowerment, Gender and Politics in Fez, Morocco.

    Read more about the WEP network

  • KVINFO is managing the Dialogue and Cooperation on Gender and Women’s Rights Pool, whose aim is to support the corporation between the civil society in Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa.

    The Pool supports projects seeking to enhance women’s rights and position in society and to spur the debate on gender issues in the Middle East and North Africa. The projects must consist of a partnership between at least one Arab and one Danish partner.

    The fund supports projects with a budget ranging from 5,000 and up to one million DKK.


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Micro blog

03/07/2014 09:03

BEIRUT - A Lebanese man who beat his wife has been jailed for nine months in the first such conviction under a domestic violence law passed in April.

Hussein Ftouni will also be fined 20 million Lebanese pounds ($13,258) for a brutal assault on his 22-year-old wife Tamara Harissi.

02/07/2014 10:05

The passion for the World Cup is a global thing. But in Muslim societies, there's also Ramadan to consider. That has proven particularly challenging for women in the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

30/06/2014 13:51

Egypt has a new law against sex harassment that was flagrantly flouted days later in Tahrir Square. Yet, the topic will likely be unmentionable. "Talking about it is seen as offensive," says a safety activist in Cairo.

27/06/2014 07:10

Evening vigils have been called across Libya to commemorate the life of one of the country's leading human-rights figures, Salwa Bugaighis, killed by armed men in the eastern city of Benghazi on Wednesday.Bugaighis became known as a leading activist, campaigning in favour of a quota for women in parliament, and for the right of women to choose whether to wear the hijab.


26/06/2014 10:33

Moroccan women protested outside parliament on Tuesday demanding the resignation of Islamist premier Abdelilah Benkirane after he urged women to stay at home and look after their families.

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