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Welcome to WoMen Dialogue

WoMen Dialogue is a platform for cooperation and debate on gender and women’s rights issues, and for the exchange of knowledge between Danish and Arab civil society. It is provided by KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Research and Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity.

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Share ideas and experiences, work on a project or stay in contact. Our groups have several useful tools for cooperation and communication. Simply set up a profile on the site to join one or more groups.

  In Cairo, the problem is so widespread that anti-harassment NGOs are now classifying the situation as an out-and-out epidemic of sexual harassment. So serious is the issue that in June the...
In the 1001 Arabian Nights collection of tales, Queen Scheherazade used the power and transformative potential of storytelling to save her own life. The Sultan, who had taken her as his wife, was...
 “Yes, of course. This way,” beams the bookshop owner, his smile subtly betraying the fact he has been asked the question many times before. He drags himself from behind his counter and leads us...

Focus on:

  • Young Arab scholars are increasingly interested in gender studies, and their projects are as sophisticated as Western gender research in terms of methodology and theory. This is amongst the findings of the first edition of the WEP mapping report entitled “Mapping Young Scholars’ Research on Women in Public Life in the MENA Region: A State of the Art Report“ which has now been presented during the holding of the 2nd seminar of the Nordic-Arab Network of Research on Women’s Empowerment, Gender and Politics in Fez, Morocco.

    Read more about the WEP network

  • KVINFO is managing the Dialogue and Cooperation on Gender and Women’s Rights Pool, whose aim is to support the corporation between the civil society in Denmark and the Middle East and North Africa.

    The Pool supports projects seeking to enhance women’s rights and position in society and to spur the debate on gender issues in the Middle East and North Africa. The projects must consist of a partnership between at least one Arab and one Danish partner.

    The fund supports projects with a budget ranging from 5,000 and up to one million DKK.

  • The 'Who is She' in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan are three online databases with profiles of prominent contemporary women.

    Visit the databases and use them as an efficient tool to search for competent women with specific qualifications and skills.


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Micro blog

13/08/2014 11:49

AMMAN, Jordan — When Hassan Zeid first told his family that he was gay, the reaction was swift. His mother promptly kicked him out of the house, telling Zeid, “I am not going to have a gay son.” Forced to sleep at a motel where he was working at the time, Zeid admitted to Al-Monitor that his situation was “quite hard.”

12/08/2014 08:36

In the last few days, while the world has been overwhelmed by the flow of information about atrocities committed by Islamic State (IS) jihadists, public officials and local media channels have confirmed that hundreds of Yezidi and Christian women have been abducted, some of them buried alive and others subjected to rape and sexual slavery.

11/08/2014 10:28

Women for Women and the Alliance for Arab Women have launched a series of lectures discussing women’s rights and culture.

“Everything evolves over time and so does the role of women in culture and society,” said Mohamed El Sawy, founder of the El Sawy CultureWheel, during the first event after Ramadan.

11/08/2014 10:26

Displacement, unemployment and shifting gender roles in the Syrian community have fueled an issue that the World Health Organization has as a global epidemic: violence against women. While exact statistics are difficult to come by, it is clear that violence against Syrian women has risen in Jordan and Lebanon, particularly intimate partner violence (IPV), exploitation, survival sex and early marriage.

07/08/2014 15:17
Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced two men to life in prison, and another to 20 years in jail, convicted of sexual assault during the celebrations of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi's inauguration in Tahrir Square. 
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