Month: June 2021

The History of Giant Bubbles

In 1960 inventor Arthur Fulton was granted the first patent (2928205) on a flexible loop bubble toy. His toy had a ribbon like loop attached to a long rod. This allowed the loop to be compressed and inserted into a small container of homemade bubble solution, then expanded to open the loop and create a large bubble.

In 1987 inventor David Stein was granted a patent (4654017) on his toy Bubble Thing. It also used a ribbon like loop attached to a long rod but with an improved mechanism to open and close the bubble loop and also added a weight at the center bottom of the loop. With this device David started a worldwide fascination with giant bubbles and created the outdoor bubble sport. In 1988 he set a world record for the longest bubble tube measuring 50 feet.

In 1986 inventor Kalvin Klundt designed the first two long handle giant bubble maker called Dip Stix™. He was later granted two US patents (4943255 & D306465) on his design. It used two long rods to support and control the flexible bubble loop made of a unique round cord with a double coil. The loop absorbs and releases the large amount of bubble solution needed to create huge bubbles.

With the two handle Dip Stix™ design Alan McKay set a new world record in 1997, for the longest bubble tube, measuring an incredible 113 feet.

On October 9, 2005, Extreme Bubbles, Inc. also used the two handle Dip Stix™ design and their special beeboo® Big Bubble Mix to set the first world record for largest free floating soap bubble, measuring an amazing 105.4 cubic feet. You can read more about this world record bubble as it is published twice in the 2008 and 2010 World Record Book Editions.

The two handle Dip Stix™ design has become the standard of big bubble enthusiast around the world. In fact, every free floating big bubble record, or big bubble tube record set in the last 23 years has used the two handle Dip Stix™ design.

The two handle Dip Stix™ design allows the user unprecedented control over the big bubble loop. First, it allows the user to hold the giant bubble maker high in the air. By simply opening and closing the flexible loop, huge bubbles are effortlessly created and the big bubbles travel incredible distances. Next, the super absorbent wick material allows the user to make multiple big bubbles in a row, by simply opening and closing the big bubble wand loop. No need to keep dipping the bubble loop into the big bubble solution. The super absorbent wick material holds plenty of solution. All you have to do is open and close and you keep creating many big bubbles in a row.

Big bubbles offer hours of quality outdoor fun for you and your friends and neighbors. Even complete strangers will stop and marvel at the big bubbles. People of all ages love big bubbles. Get outside and play! beeboo® Big Bubble Mix is available at

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