He Fell Out of Love With Me! Proven Tips to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

Mar 9, 2019 dialogue

"He fell out of love with me!" You said it even though you can't believe it's actually happened to you. You loved the man more than anything and one day he just decided that he'd had enough of you. Perhaps he was compassionate when he told you and he said he may not be in love with you anymore but he still loved you. Maybe he took a quicker approach and just dumped you on the spot. Either way it hurts the same. The knowledge that the man you adore is done loving you is difficult to absorb. You're not done with him yet though. Your heart still feels such a strong attachment to him and you want him back more than anything. You can make that happen but it's all about changing your attitude and learning the steps that you have to take starting today.

Men fall out of love with their girlfriends for a whole assortment of reasons. It may be a by-product of being bored with her. Perhaps it's more about wanting something that he feels is more romantic or shows more promise. Your man might have felt as though you were rejecting him by putting everything above him on your priority list. Try and identify, if possible, what changed for him and when it happened. If you can pinpoint this, you'll have a starting point to work with.

Take this insight and combine it with what you know he finds most irresistible in a woman. You're going to make yourself into the perfect woman for him. This is really the best way to spend your time in the weeks following the break up. If you focus on improving your faults and working on the things you believe made him fall out of love, you'll be able to stand before him a new woman.

Make a list of what you love about yourself and what you want to improve on. Maybe you wish you had more patience, or you've been unhappy with your job or appearance. Do whatever you can to come through this a more fulfilled and emotionally strong woman. That alone will knock his socks off when you do get in touch with him.

Your inner strength, and your ability to draw on that, is essential if you hope to get your ex boyfriend back. Presenting yourself to him as an emotional mess is just going to push him farther and farther away. You need to show him that you're mature and able to handle even the most difficult of situations. Men don't want to be attached to someone who falls apart each time something challenging occurs. So stay focused, happy and moving forward.

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