How to Know if a Guy Likes You – 6 Quick Tips

Aug 9, 2019 women

So, you wanna know if a guy likes you? You are at the right place. Let me tell you one thing straight out - you can never know for sure. How to tell if a guy likes you is a tough question. But don't worry - I will get you closer to knowing. Here we go.

Asking about boyfriend - Did he ever ask you if you have a boyfriend? If he is interested in your love life, then he is interested in you. You know what would make it even more obvious? If he asked you if a particular guy is your boyfriend ("Was that your boyfriend?" :))

Initiating contact - When a guy likes you, he will kind of subconsciously want to get closer to you, and establish at least some kind of physical contact. I'm thinking about playful punching, pecking, hugging... Normally he would be standing closer to you when talking, than when he is talking to other girls. If he is more physical with you than with any other girl, that's a clear sign that he likes you.

Offering help - Has he ever offered you help with anything you needed? This can be a pretty clear giveaway, at the first possibility of him helping in any sort of way he will jump in and offer you help

Laughing at jokes - Come on, don't you remember? You are just like that when YOU like a guy, you laugh at almost everything he says... Well if he is laughing, then guess what - he likes you.

Eye contact - Now, there are different types of guys, but if he is not shy, he will quite often initiate eye contact with you - look at you directly in the eyes. If you caught him looking at you and smiling across the room or in the hallway, when you are too far away to talk - he is into you my lady 🙂 .

Let me stop there, I hope you are one step closer to answering the question this blog is all about... And that is: How to Tell if a Guy likes you. There is more to come, so be sure to come back, and also check the other posts out as well.

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