Party Ideas for Your Bachelorette

Jul 30, 2019 women

Bachelorette parties can be very fun and a party to remember if you have a great planner. There are many games and things you can do for this occasion, but the key is that it needs to be fun for the bride and the others. So, deciding which game to play is an important choice to make and you need to know them very well. Hiring strippers is something people usually do but playing games with them is something that's added to the fun.

It would be best if you have someone to consult with that is close to the bride and also has experience in organizing these events. If you want to make it perfect it can be very expensive to throw a party like this. It isn't something you should save a lot of money on because it is something you will remember your whole life so make it count. It doesn't matter if it is Majesty Male Strippers or you want female strippers, the prices are usually the same based on packages you want.

Male Strippers

The first thing on the list is to find male strippers. If you plan to go to the club, you won't need to organize anything they are prepared for these occasions. The problem is that the price is going to be high. If you plan to call them to come to a hotel, you need to find someone that is reputable. It is crucial that they know how to behave which also goes for the woman in the room. Strippers have their own rules that you need to follow if you want them to stay until the end.

If you are at the club, the lap dances and additional services will be charged besides hiring them. Always consider hiring a few of them if you have a larger group so everyone can have fun. The price can be around $150 per hour, it depends on how well-known they are. Most of them will have the same skills but they also have a reputation that is included in the price. Click here to read more.

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is a very fun game if you want to get drunk fast. The core purpose of the game is to drink and mix drinks so be careful what you pour in the glass. The Roulette is smaller than the original one and the glasses come with the game and each one of them has two numbers on it.

Pick a couple of drinks and the players should choose which number they want to be. If the ball lands on their number, they need to drink the glass. So basically, every turn someone drinks. The game can easily be ordered online from websites like Amazon or Aliexpress. It is just a small way you can prepare for an awesome party later.

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Drunken Jenga

All of these games could be played at the beginning of the night so you can warm-up for the club and the strippers. Jenga is one of the most popular games in the world and people found a way to involve alcohol in it. There can be two to four players in a group. If you have a lot of people then there can be a couple of games going on at the same time.

The rules are very simple and you start with setting the Jenga tower as you would normally do. So, to include alcohol in it, people use something called the trash can punch. It is a large glass where people will place their favorite drink in. The combinations may be very interesting and you might discover a new cocktail. The loser would have to drink the whole glass.

The Stylish Bride

If you want to make the bride loosen up a little, you can play a short but funny game called the stylish bride. It is very simple and it is more fun for the guests because the bride will be a blindfolded model that will wear the clothes guests give to her. They will bring a random part of clothing and the bride need to figure out what it is and wear it. It can be a very silly combination that will make everyone laugh and bring some positive energy for the night.

Guess Who?

The party is meant for the bride and it should be something that she remembers her whole life. It usually starts in the morning and people party the whole day and night. In the morning, the best friends of the bride should come over and start the day with some breakfast and fun games to spend time. It is hard to drink the whole day, so the majority of people will play games that don't involve alcohol.

There will always be friends that drink but the club will wait for them. Guess who is a fun game to get to know the groom and a little more about their relationship. Guests will write questions related to the bride about the groom or some private interesting questions that may be funny to hear the answer. Then people will vote who relates the question more, the groom or the bride.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever is a drinking game where you can learn a lot about the person and it is meant for a larger group so if you have a lot of guests, it can be really fun. Everyone starts with picking the drink for themselves which they will drink depending on the question and their experience. The game starts with a person of choice who says "Never Have I Ever" and says anything she hasn't done.

Everyone who did what this person didn't will have to drink. It is better to take a sip then drink the whole glass because the questions come fast and the drinking comes faster. Make sure that the questions are interesting in a way you can find something you didn't know about the people that are surrounding you. It's great that you don't need any props to play it and it can get really exciting after some delicate questions.

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