Why Do Married Men Risk Everything By Joining Online Dating Sites

Aug 21, 2021 dialogue

Statistics from recent surveys have shown that up to 30% of the people that are using online dating sites are already married or in committed relationships with a partner that has no idea they are cheating. If you have ever been a member of one of these sites you probably already know this. women who join these sites have to be very careful that the man messaging them for dates is being honest and truthful and not lying about being married or in a relationship.

But the average wife must be asking herself the obvious question. What can make a man so stupid as to open up an online personal ad and think he can get away with it? The answer is that for the most part they do get away with it.

It usually starts out innocently, a bored married man stumbles on a dating site and sees some pictures of pretty girls so he wants to look at more pictures. He tries to browse but he can't unless he signs up. Thinking that he's just going to browse once or twice he using his regular work or home email account. He assumes the site will protect his privacy so he's not worried about using his real email address.

So at first he is not thinking he is risking anything. He thinks he's passing time. But as with any cheap thrill once you start you want more and more. Like potato chips. Now many men will stop right then and there. They look at some pics, read some profiles and it's all harmless fantasy.

Others will slip down that slippery slope to infidelity, ruined marriages and broken families. They will post pics, exchange emails and even phone calls hoping for a real life meet up wit their Internet fantasy girl. still thinking it's all private an anonymous and they can never be discovered over the Internet.

What these men do not realize is that they can and will lose everything they ever held dear in their life because they can be exposed in their cheating. It's a simple matter to trace an email back to secret online personal ads. A suspicious wife can use n online infidelity investigation and find out all the secret activity her husband is up to just by supplying a private investigation service with her husbands email addresses.

Men risk everything because they think they can't get caught. They risk everything because at first they thought it was harmless fun. They lose everything when their wife places an order for an online infidelity investigation.

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